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Living Downtown, worth the hype?

Living Downtown, worth the hype?

Is Living Downtown all its cracked up to be?


4 Reasons to Choose a downtown location for your next home!

Deciding where to live can be a very big decision. There are, of course, pros and cons to living anywhere but living in a downtown apartment is a great option, especially for the younger generation that will enjoy getting out to do new things. Take into consideration the following benefits of living in a downtown apartment when deciding where to move.

1. Not Having to Drive through Traffic

If you work downtown then living downtown is a great idea. The cost of commuting every day and the time spent in the car adds up to a lot. If the downtown area in your city is a little pricier than living in the suburbs then before deciding against it, factor in the cost of gas driving to and from work each day and the amount of lost work time spent in the car and the price difference may no longer be a factor. Living really close to work may mean you can walk, ride a bike or use public transportation instead of driving. Living in a city that has a lot of daily commuting traffic each day may also mean saving yourself a lot of daily aggravation.

2. Convenient Location

Living downtown usually means being conveniently located to a lot more things. Many stores, restaurants, parks or activities may be within walking distance to your new apartment or at least within a quick drive. Many downtown areas also are the centre for sporting events such as a baseball or football stadium and instead of facing the crazy parking and general hassle of attending one of these events, you may be able to walk over to watch your favourite team now. Lunch breaks at work and running out in the evenings for a quick bite to eat is also a lot easier when living and working downtown near a large variety of restaurants. Not only are you closer to everything but usually have a larger selection to choose from.

3. Nightlife and Entertainment

If you are a night owl and love to get out and do new things then living downtown is especially for you. The suburbs may have a neat bar here and there but the downtown area of any city is going to be where the real nightlife is at. Most downtown areas have a wide variety of restaurants and bars that are busy late into the night and also a selection of nightclubs and other fun events on the weekends. The vibe in a downtown area is different than in the suburbs as well, people are out walking the streets late at night and there is an energy about it that can be exciting.

4. Amenities

Many apartments in a downtown area offer amenities that you may not find in your average suburb apartment community. Downtown apartments many times offer indoor pools, a fitness area and usually some kind of concierge service. Most apartment communities that are based in a downtown area know that their residents are looking for an active, fun lifestyle and cater to that by providing access to many of these types of amenities as possible.